Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So our pediatrician gave us the "ok" to start solid foods. We have been doing rice cereal for about a month, but it's really been just experimentation, and not a daily adventure. We are to give him rice cereal twice a day for about a week and then introduce other cereals after that. Then come the fruits and veggies...I have read and heard so many different things about what to introduce first with it comes to that stuff. Our pedi was very aloof about the entire thing (I understand it's really not a big deal, but hey...I'm a first time momma--it's a big deal to me!!) and said it didn't really matter. I guess I will figure it out when that time comes.

Kylar also got his shots today. I'm kinda irritated because I didn't want him to the the Hep B vaccine, and they gave it to him today. Um...hello?? He didn't get the first two rounds for a reason!!! I think we over-vaccinate our kiddos. The only way to get hep b is to be in blood contact with someone who has it. I think the chances of that happening to my baby are VERY least in the first few years of life. I didn't realize it until after they had given it to him and wrote it down in his book. Grrrr... Oh well, there isn't really anything I can do about it now is there?! He's doing alright now, nothing a little Tylenol can't fix!

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