Thursday, June 17, 2010

So much to little time to do it

Our little family is moving soon. And by soon I mean in just 2 weeks!! The only thing I have packed are our dvd's. I have a feeling that it shouldn't be "dvd's" because it's not posessive, but it doesn't look right being "dvds". I'm keeping it =-)

Kylar has been going through a phase where he does NOT want me out of his sight. It has really made me come between two very difficult, life-altering decisions: pack or play with my baby.

Obviously I chose the latter evidenced by my only having my "dvd's" packed. That's why my wonderful in-laws are coming to help. I am really looking forward to their visit. They have been such a HUGE help to us lately.

I have also been able to enlist some girls from my kinship group at church to play with the baby so I can get stuff done. They are such a blessing to me! It is so nice to have that kind of closeness when family is so far away.

We're still waiting to find out when the closing date will be on our house here (and, consequently, back in MO as well). Blake and I have been praying for God to relieve our anxiety about this. There is a not-so-great scenario that would put us in a financial bind (mortgage here, rent there at roughly $300/wk). We have been told since the beginning of this ordeal that they would probably close sooner than what the date on the contract says. And, Blake's job got an opening for him sooner than anticipated, so it's all up in the air =-/ I'm not sure if this made any sense so just trust me-it's a looooong story!

Thank you for your prayers, it means so much to us!

Since I started writing this a few days ago, and you know how life gets in the way, Kylar has since started crawling! He only gets 2 steps before he face plants but he has figured out the mechanics of how to do it now. I don' t know if I'm excited or terrified =-)

Kylar has also learned about the pool. I'll post pics of that as soon as I can. He absolutely LOVES the water! He went in a little baby pool the other day and a big pool with a floaty thing yesterday. He wasn't so fond of the floaty thing, but when you held him in the water, he splashed, and splashed, and splashed! It has even changed his bath time! The kid loves bath anyway, but since discovering how much he can splash in a pool, he now does the same in the bath. I've never laughed so much!

I'm going to end this post by saying "Happy Father's Day" to everyone! Poor Blake has to work as it's one of the busiest days of the year =-/. Our church showed a video for the dads, and I got teared up because I wanted Blake to see it so badly...he was at work still =-( (I usually go to church on Saturday nights if you're wondering!)

Take care and have a Blessed day!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What I've been up to

So...we bought a house! We weren't planning on buying right away, but God put this one in our hands.


I couldn't draw you a better version of my dream house. Of course there are some cosmetic details that I want to change, but the bones of the house are pretty much everything I ever dreamed of!

While I was at home visiting I: watched my dear friend Alissa get married, helped host a surprise party for my momma's big 6-0, went to a "Just Dance" party,and had the best time-EVER (you really should try get a great cardio workout while making a fool of yourself to some pretty ridiculous songs), and of course, went house hunting.

Oh yeah, we played cheerleader, too =-)

Don't be jealous ;-)