Saturday, September 4, 2010

renaissance festival

My brother and I took our kids to the renaissance festival today. We had so much fun! As always, it was an adventure getting out the door (I still haven't figured how to do this in a timely manner with a baby!), but we did get there!

Sky wanted to ride and do everything, and of course, none of it was free. Except the petting zoo. I took advantage of the free-ness of the petting zoo. If you wanted to feed the animals, you paid $1 and got a cake cone filled with food. That was cheap, and I'm a sucker for cheap (at least with my money anyway ;-) haha mom, Luv you!) Anyway, I gave Sky his cone and the goats attacked him! Ok...they didn't attack him but one of them basically took the cone from his hand. Dollar spent in about 5 seconds. Since I'm a super-fantastic aunt, I rationed mine to him. And then bought another round. My free trip to the petting zoo turned into a $4 trip. At least it was for the both of us, right?

We watched jousting. Jody dunked the wench. Sky and I rode a swing thingy. Kylar napped. We got to tour a torture museum. Let me tell you this...I know what I'm gonna do when Kylar lies to me when he's a teenager. I'm going to sew a rope to his tongue and hang a bowling ball size rock from it. Circa 1400 a.d. I wonder how many liars this country would have if that was the current punishment for purjury? Or if he refuses to tell me something, I'll strap him to a water wheel that spins over hot coals and flames until he tells me. Yeah. Right.

Anyway....we ended our day by going to Longhorn to visit Blake. Sky was tired and being ornery, and Kylar was screaming unless we were shoving food into his mouth =-)

Our next adventure is World's of Fun. On Monday. Yes, we are brave!!

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  1. Wow.... sounds like you've had and still will have an eventful weekend!